Chris Waterman established Waterman Property Advocates in early 2003 as a Buyer Agent only and was one of the first to do so in Australia. Buyer Agency or Advocacy is now an accepted and integral part of the real estate industry.
The popularity and acceptance with the buying public has seen growth in this sector throughout Australia.
After many requests to provide a service to real estate vendors or sellers Chris provided the standard answer “Oh that would be a conflict of interest with our buyer clients”
In 2009 Waterman Property Advocates, through necessity and innovation developed a product called “Seller Advocacy” which has proved to be extremely popular with the market place.
As a result of the legal profession using our seller advocacy service, who started requesting we tidy up properties for sale of deceased estates, we developed Waterman Property Clearances.
So here we are today, and where are we?
Well recently Chris was asked what did his business do?? After some thought the answer was simple “we solve people’s property problems”.
Now Waterman Property Advocates is Adelaide’s finest and most experienced property advocate for buyers, sellers and investors for residential and commercial.

We Buy, Sell, Advocate and Clear real estate throughout Adelaide and South Australia.

Waterman Property Advocates, Save you time, money and stress!!

team1Chris Waterman
team3Jess Ellam
Buyer Advocate