"It took 6 weeks from first speaking to Matt O'Donoghue, until he made the winning bid at auction for us.

In that 6 weeks, Matt inspected around 2 dozen different houses in our chosen SE corner of Adelaide, and rang me or messaged me at least once per day, and often more !, every day during that period. He devoted an enormous amount of his time and attention, as if we were Watermans' only client. Matt attended 4 auctions on our behalf, with the first 3 not going our way.
We are absolutely delighted with our ultimate purchase of a 3 BR period house on 700m2, and have subsequently given the property to Watermans to manage as a rental.
If you are looking for a competent professional Buyer's Advocate, you won't beat Watermans and Matt O'Donoghue."

Mr & Mrs B
Timely and Comprehensive service
Happy interstate buyer