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Australia's population growing

population-growing Image by Ani Carrington

Australia's population is increasing, according to data released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The figures show that the population grew by 1.5 per cent through the year ending 30 September 2019, to reach 25.5 million, following an annual increase of 371,100 people.

All states and territories except the Northern Territory reported positive population growth over the year.

Victoria had the highest growth rate (2.0 per cent), followed by Queensland on 1.7 per cent, NSW 1.3 per cent, ACT 1.5 per cent, WA 1.1 per cent, Tasmania 1.0 per cent and South Australia just below at 0.9 per cent.

Natural increase accounted for 37.5 per cent of annual population growth, while net overseas migration accounted for the remaining 62.5 per cent.

There were 304,400 births and 165,300 deaths registered in Australia during the year ending 30 September 2019. Natural increase during this period was 139,100 people, a decrease of 6.6 per cent from the previous year.

There were 534,100 overseas migration arrivals and 302,000 departures, resulting in net overseas migration of 232,100 people. Net overseas migration was down 4.2 per cent compared to the previous year.
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