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Why local area knowledge is so valuable


As a Buyer Advocate firm, we specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating property on behalf of buyers. We guide and educate our investors & home buyers through the whole acquisition process. From pre-purchase to pre-settlement and leasing.

We are an Adelaide based Buyer Advocate, we only purchase in Adelaide as we believe this is essential to being an expert in our market. Having a professional buyer who is based in Adelaide, gives home buyers and investors' confidence in knowing we are experts in our area and in the industry. Not only that, but our agent-relationships are solid, based on years of transacting and we understand the differences in negotiation and auction styles across our local market.

Purchasing property is the largest financial transaction most people will ever make. As with any investment, there is always a risk. It is our role as a Buyer Advocate to minimise some of that risk during the purchase process.
The difference between a good street and a bad street in an area can have a drastic dramatic effect on the value of a property. By employing a local Buyer Advocate we will guide you through the Adelaide Real Estate market, this is essential to a successful property purchase.

Case Study; We purchased a homette for a first home buyer, our client had the eastern suburbs in mind as this is where they grew up and this area is therefore familiar to them. Their 'must haves' were a secure, low maintenance property, not on a main road, close to walking paths and parks. Every property they inspected in their price range didn't have their 'must have' features. Either it needed too much work, was on a main road or the group was too large. After searching for months with only the knowledge they had on this area, they decided to engage us as their Buyer Advocate. We discussed our clients brief in detail and because of our local knowledge, we opened their options to other suburbs that were able to accommodate their needs and within her budget. 

Are you a first home buyer that needs professional advice to get into the Adelaide market?
Are you an interstate investor looking to get into the Adelaide market? 
Call Waterman Property Advocates today to find out how we can help you secure a property in Adelaide

Employing a local Buyers Advocate can guide you through the Adelaide Real Estate market, this is essential to a successful property purchase.

Interest rates stay low
First Home Buyer, Jamie

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