Aussies keen to pay out home loan

Australian homeowners are keen to pay off their home loans early, it s...
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When should you replace that appliance?

How long do you expect to have a fridge, television or washing machine...
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Retro yet chic

Remember those inflatable chairs of the 90s, that looked great but tip...
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Victoria takes up Build-to Rent

Industry bodies have welcomed the Victorian Government's announcement ...
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Bring out your inner architect

Who doesn't love playing with Lego? Now the adults have a legitimate e...
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Adelaide is the third-ranked Australian city for rental growth and lowest vacancies

While media obsesses over price data as the only market measure worth ...
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Robot the Builder

Is this the future of building?  AIST, Japan's national institute...
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Must have: pet room?

One in three American home renovators want a room built specially for ...
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Tesla battery worth its weight

The sceptics and deniers said it would never work, but South Australia...
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Rates stay low - Reserve Bank Australia

The Reserve Bank once again opted to leave the official cash rate at t...
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