Aussie house price tops $1m

 Australia's average house is now worth over a million dollars, a...

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Building approvals lift

Building approvals lifted again in May, according to data released thi...

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Tips to repair credit

 Are you thinking it's time now to buy your first home? Your cred...

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Put tax cuts to mortgage

The start of the new financial year next week will mean the highly-pub...

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Say ‘nup’ to plastic

Next week is the first week of July, the month dedicated to reducing t...

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This is why we are here, we love helping our lovely clients and and achieving great results for them whilst minimising stress!

#watermanpropertyadvocates #watermanproperty #selleradvocate #property...

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Attend the small repairs

If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, take time...

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Prepare your pool for winter

 Despite solar heating and for some, the current trend for taking...

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Waterman Property Advocates Buyer Agent - The smarter way to purchase

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Check smoke alarms now

Winter settles in this weekend, so it's time to check smoke alarms to ...

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