Why local area knowledge is so valuable

As a Buyer Advocate firm, we specialise in searching, evaluating ...
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For sale: vacant airspace

 Where will we build more homes when our cities run out of land? ...
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Buyer Advocate | Bought

BUYER ADVOCATE | BOUGHTCongratulations to our client on the purchase o...
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Consumer sentiment rebounds

Consumer sentiment has rebounded in February, to record the biggest in...
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Feline fine, just here

Many cat owners don't bother providing a bed for their pet, as cats us...
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Values off to weak start

​The first month of the New Year saw values fall in every capital city...
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Energy-generating bricks build sustainable future

Bricks that generate electricity could be a building material of our f...
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Celebrity bargain: $32m discount

Boxing Day sales usually present the opportunity to pick up a bargain,...
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Faulty gift? Know your rights

What are your rights as a consumer, if something you received or bough...
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Australia's population to reach 30 million in decade

Australia's population is projected to reach 30 million people between...
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