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Adelaide Property | Helping buyers reach their property goals

Sold-picture-croppedSmall Helping buyers reach their property goals

The most important consideration for us all through the uncertain changes we are all experiencing, is to stay positive and be there for each other. Check in on your extended family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

No expert can predict what is around the corner, this is out of everyone's control. What we can control is how we respond to a situation and how we treat others.

Stay positive, happy and healthy.

I'm sure everyone is hearing enough about Covid-19 so I won't be bombarding you with updates. What I do want to get across is that it is business as usual for myself and the Waterman Property team. We are working remotely and are continuing to guide our clients through the property maze. We are busy sourcing off market and pre market opportunities for buyers that have chosen to continue to move forward with their property goals. There are some great opportunities presenting in the current market and for those buyers that have a secure job and stable income, now is a great time to purchase.

I am a phone call away if you would like to discuss your property goals.

Jess Ellam
0400 084 804
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Research, research, research.
Is this the happiest buyer advocate in Adelaide?

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