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Stand apart from the rest

In a competitive market, how do you make your apartment stand out from all the others? By making it look bigger, brighter and promising!

Here are some tips:

Reduce clutter - an apartment is a small space so it is important not to make it even smaller by filling it up unnecessarily. Clear away any knickknacks, spare chairs, newspapers, books, toys, etc., but don't hide them in the cupboards or drawers, as buyers will be sure to open them!

Any storage space, in fact, should be optimised and promoted. Keep cupboards and garage space free of clutter and ideally have shelving and hooks installed, as most prospective buyers will be mentally calculating how they will fit into the space.

Enhance outdoor space. Create it another 'room' by opening connecting doors and windows, and furnish it accordingly. Add a barbecue, table or at least some plants and comfortable chairs with colourful cushions – make it a place where anyone could imagine themselves relaxing.

Likewise, unless the windows open onto a neighbouring wall, open up the blinds or curtains and make sure the glass is sparkling clean to give an impression of space and light. Let your agent know when the sunlight will be streaming in, to optimise 'open home' times.

If the apartment is unfurnished, you might consider decorating it or even hiring a stylist to do it for you, as buyers often need a little help imagining what it could look like. A stylist can be especially useful if the apartment is in an area that appeals to a particular market or lifestyle. 

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